Introducing Your
Chief Medical Officer

Doctoring combined with benefits consulting, dedicated to the health of your business. 

Advising Employees and Guiding Executives

Your cost of insurance goes down and workplace productivity goes up as we handle non-urgent, non-emergent issues such as chronic care consultations, parental reassurance, acute care reassurance, medication refills, medical bill review, and specialist referrals. For employees...and their families. We call it Convenient Care.



Direct and secure texting to our physicians reduces employees’ cost, stress, and time associated with traditional office visits. Answers the question, “Should I go to the doctor?” and more.

Pop-In Health Consults

In-person doctoring at the workplace to address - amongst other things - medically-related questions, chronic care concerns, and medication reviews. Clinically-relevant educational sessions ("Clunches") also available.

Not primary. Not urgent.
Definitely convenient.

Advising your leadership team on healthcare decisions with clinical insight and industry expertise.

We review costs, clinical services, regulatory requirements, the medical needs of employees and their families, and more.

Answers questions like, “How can we give great care to our employees in a cost-effective manner?”

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Other CMO Programs

In addition to our flagship Convenient Care and Executive Guidance programs, we're positioned to help you with:

  • Wellness Initiatives – Outcome Management
  • Guidance with Transition to Self-Insurance
  • Actuarial Assistance with Acquisitions / Mergers
  • Absenteeism Initiatives / Sick Policy
  • Spanish-Speaking Employee Engagement Programs
  • Human Resources Benefits Training
  • Health Benefits Administrative Support
  • Employee Healthcare Education
  • Workers Compensation Review
  • Physical Exams

Want to wrap a white coat around your employees' health benefits and care?

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Meet Percy.

Employees securely text medical concerns directly to their Percentric Licensed Physician.

Text medical questions

Convenient access to local clinicians for medical concerns and healthcare advice.

Tremendous time-saver

Protects your time and resolves the question of “Should I go to the doctor?

For illustration purposes only. Not intended to show actual care / advice given.

Available globally

Advice is available anywhere there is cell service.

Continuity of care

Gives continuity of care without the time constraints and limitations of in-person office visits.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We LOVE Percentric! They are informative and attentive...PercyMD allows us immediate access to doctors to help all of our team and their families with any medical-related questions.

Air Specialty Heating and AirJustin Mathews, CEO, AirSpecialty

We met Percentric at the right time. We were a bit overwhelmed and unsure how to take on some complex issues we were facing, while also keeping our employees happy. With Percentric's support, our health benefits design, implementation and management has become SO much easier.

Tidewater StaffingValerie, Human Resources, Tidewater Staffing

Percentric's knowledge, objectivity, and real world physician experience saved us 30% on our healthcare cost...the first year.

Taste UnlimitedRob Loomis, VP, Taste Unlimited